What is FUD, HODL, MOON or FOMO in Cryptocurrency Slag?

Are you caught in a bind not understanding what others are talking about while scrolling Reddit or Twitter, Cryptocurrency related forums or Slack groups?

Just a year back, I was also left scratching my head when I first got involved in Cryptocurrencies. Therefore,

I decided to put together a list of the Cryptocurrency Slag/Lingo:


Yes, you read that right, hodling. This is the practice of holding on to a long term investment. A misspelling of ‘hold’ that stuck around to mean ‘keep’.

2. FUD

In the context of Bitcoin (or cryptocurrencies in general), “FUD” would be described as “fear, uncertainty, or doubt” in Bitcoin.

Example: Sort of like when the rumors of China banning bitcoin were floating around.


It refers to “going to the moon” or having an explosive increase in value. “Extreme bullish movement of a coin.”


FOMO means “Fear of missing out”. If you don’t go out to the bar, you might miss big fun. If you don’t watch the show, you might miss a cultural experience. And, if you don’t invest in the next big altcoin, you’re going to miss out on big profits.

5. ATH

All Time High, the peak of a coins price.

6. Whale

A very large coin holder, they can influence the price of a coin through buy walls, sell walls and selling off coins.

7. Pump

These people market the coin relentlessly, causing many buyers to create a demand that can only be satisfied at high prices.

8. Dump

The pre-pump group cashes out when they think a maximum has been achieved, letting the rest of the buyers fend for themselves, and watching the price crash.

9. Bear Market

A market in which coin prices are falling, encouraging selling.

10. Feeling Bullish

Feeling positive that an investment will grow in value.

11. ICO

Short form for “Initial Coin Offering”, which takes a page from the usual IPOs investors know.

12. Sats

Short for Satoshis, a division of Bitcoin, 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin. I have added a link for a convertor at the end of this chapter.

13. Fiat

Fiat currency, your standard currencies such as USD, GBP, EURO, CNY etc.

14. Altcoin

“Alternate coin” An altcoin is a common name for any digital Cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. The term is said to stand for “alternative to Bitcoin”.

15. Circulating Supply.

The price of a coin has no meaning on its own. However, the price of a coin, when multiplied by the circulating supply, gives the coin’s market cap.

16. Market Cap.

In short: It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a number that we display to show the “value” of a cryptocurrency. It’s the total cost of all outstanding coins at their current price.

17. Buy walls

When whales try to encourage the growth of a coins price through massive buy orders.

18. Sell walls

When a whale tried to suppress the price of a currency (usually so they can accumulate more for themselves). Example imagine a coin costs $4 and has 5m total supply and there is a sell order for 1m coins at $4.2 each, the price will not likely go above that price.

19. Weak Hands

Those who cannot be patient and sell at loss when the market is down.

20.Weak Hands

People who buy a coin then sell as soon as the price dips.

21. Strong Hands

Investors who hold on to coins not matter how low the price dips.

22.  Bloodbath

When a large number of coins lose a lot of their value.

23. Bag Holder

An investor who is holding onto a possible bad investment also known as being “left holding the bag”, they could be the victim of a pump & dump scheme or they simply bought into a poor coin at its ATH then is left to hold the coin as its price drops.

24. Shill.

The act of unsolicited endorsing of the coin in public. Traders who bought a coin has an interest in shilling the coin, in hopes of igniting the public’s interest in that particular coin.


So these was the some popular Cryptocurrency Slag/lingo.

Do i Missed out on any Cryptocurrency Slag/lingo that you knew? Let me know in comment box below.


Many cryptocurrency investors claim that they have made more money from holding onto an investment long term instead of trading and I would also advise everyone to hold and only trade if you have previous experience, trading is not for noobs.

Stay informed on the latest Crypto-currency.

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