Cryptocurrency News – India Banks Suspending Bitcoin Exchange Accounts

India Banks Suspending Bitcoin

Toady we are going to look at Cryptocurrency market! We are going to look at some Cryptocurrency News and trying to figure out to understand, what’s happening with the market. There is a lot of red and the market is down to to 550 billion dollar. It was up, we were feeling pretty good right. We were clearing that 600 billion range that market have recovered from all that FUD that happened and then we jumped up rocking 632 and we’ve lost almost a 100 billion dollars in just a day. So what happened ? we’re gonna gets into that. I’ve got some news to show you guys that might be pushing the price down.The news was India Banks Suspending Bitcoin Exchange.

So we had the news coming out of a lot of different countries right now who are banning, blocking, putting restriction on and completely suspending all these different Bitcoin accounts. India has jumped on the wagon as well.Bitcoin exchanges are under fire in India, as many of the nation’s top banks have suspended or greatly curtailed functionality on exchange accounts. Indian banks are now getting in on the action of shutting down accounts who are related to exchange. This is not the first time this is happen and this not the last time this happened.

Main stream banks are afaraid of what cryptocurrency con do. So just as the mainstaream  of anything has always tried to shut down the banks.

OF COURSE governments won’t give up control of money – that’s why crypto is crashing. One reason people are selling out of bitcoin is because governments are moving against cryptocurrencies. The promise of bitcoin is that it’s anonymous and secure and the government can’t touch it. That promise is unfulfilled. Governments are not going to stand idly by while people replace or abandon. So thats the news – India Banks Suspending Bitcoin.


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