Jio Coin Launch – New Cryptocurrency JioCoin


According to a report, Reliance Jio is drawing up plans to create its own cryptocurrency called Jio Coin.

Most of the people want to know that:

  • when jio coin will launch ?
  • How much price will be for per jio coin ?
  • How much total quantity for jiocoin ?
  • Which all exchange this coin will be launch ?

All this topic i will cover in this article, so lets cover all this topic.

Jio Coin


First of all this project is leading by  Akash Ambani, son of Mukesh Ambani with his 50 member of teams and they are working on block chain technology. Let me clear you the main purpose of JioCoin for which  they will give us ICO, so the purpose is that to make their roaming charges zero [FREE ROAMING CHRAGES JIO], so this is the concept of this coin. This coin will have great future because no other network has done this yet.


So the other question is that when this Jio coin will launch. According to my research Febuary 15, 2018 JioCoin will launch. We can buy this coin on jio website, for buying their will be some packages, minimum package will be of 100$, then 200$ so on upto 5000$, and thier will also be customize package.


So what will be price of JioCoin, according to my research the listed coin will be of 0.5$ around 30Rupees of one jio coin. so total quantity will be of 1 Billion total supply of this coin, in which 50 minllion coin is for initial coin offering [ICO].


Jio coin will also launch their own exchange and on that excahnge we can buy/sell. This coin also launch on bittrex as well, and whithin 3 month also launch on poloniex exchange also.


Though there is no official notification, It is expected. Initially, Reliance Jio may launch their cryptocurrency on JioMoney app.  But after few days, it might become available for purchase on popular exchanges like Bittrex.

The report comes at a time when Bitcoin has taken a major hit worldwide after South Korea reiterated a proposed ban on such venues, fueling concern that a crackdown will erode one of the world’s biggest sources of demand for digital currencies.

While Jio has not commented on the move, the report claimed that Ambani’s plan to tap into blockchain technology for smart contracts was still in the “proposal stage”.


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