How To Mine LIZUS Coin with Nvidia

Hi guys, today you will learn about one of the most profitable altcoin [Mine LUXCoin] to mine right now, you must be curious to know which is the best coin to mine with Nvidia GTX 1070 ti & 1080 ti – Mine LIZUS Coin. In this article i will show you most profitable cryptocurrency to mine with Nvidia 1070 Ti & 1080 Ti.

What is LIZUS Coin ?

Lizus Payment is a new cryptocurrency designed with a focus on functionality and accessibility; even to those without a technical background. It is aiming to build a strong ecosystem with an emphasis on users-friendly features.

For example while the vast majority of cryptocurrencies have only allowed for fund movement using a complicated hexadecimal public address. Lizus will simplify this by making it possible to send funds to email address and phone numbers.

From the very first block the entire Lizus ecosystem will be secure and easy to use for both the serious technophile to the average user.

Proof of Stake

Lizus will also have Proof of Stake blocks. You can earn Lizus by just having them in your wallet. This will be available for the desktop wallets and online wallet.

You should always mine the most profitable coin at the moment. If you expect it to lower in value, sell it and buy another coin that is expected to increase its value. Mining a less profitable coin and wait for it to value instead will lower your profits.  I will show you How To Mine Lizus Payment Coin 

Best Coin to Mine With Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti & 1080 Ti Today

Mine Lizus Coin


Mining Lizus Coin through a mining pool with GPUs (Nvidia)

Due to the attention LIZUSCoin received early on I do not expect Solomining to be even remotely interesting for any miners, as the hashrate should increase extremely fast following launch. As a result this guide focuses only on how to mine with your Nvidia GPUs.

Official Website :  Here

Download Miner: Here


Windows/Mac/Linux Wallet

Step : How to Mine LIZUS Coin, LIZ

1. Download the Miner from above link.

2. Download the Lizus Coin (LIZ) wallet from above link.

3. Create receving address in wallet.

4. Create a file name START.bat (then right click and  edit).

5. Add following lines to bat file as shown below.

ccminer-x64 -a skein -o stratum+tcp:// -u PASTE_YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS_HERE -p c=LIZ


6. Save the file and Run, thats it now mining will start instantly.


Done. This was best coin to mine today which is most profitable coins. So i hope you know now How To Mine LIZUS Coin.

Question Asked

What is the max coin supply ?

– Total supply 200.000.000

What is the Best GPU to Mine Liz ?

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 1070 Ti.

Should I Invest in liz?

Yes. This coin has great future.


Which Miner do I Use ?

ccminer for nvidia gpu, download link given above.

There are Some other Mining available ?

Yes. To be able to mine the coins, you need to connect it up to a mining pool. Below I have included a list of mining pools.

— AltMiner 

— TheBSODPool

Which Pool Do I Use For Mining ?

I use TheBSODPool. (Because fee is less compared to others)

Where  can I trade Buy/Sell LIZ ?

Currently LIZUSCoin is listed on


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