How To Mine LUXCoin with Nvidia – $9/day/1070 Ti

Hi guys, today you will learn about one of the most profitable altcoin [Mine LUXCoin] to mine right now, you must be curious to know which is the best coin to mine with Nvidia GTX 1070 ti & 1080 ti – Mine LUXCoin. In this article i will show you most profitable cryptocurrency to mine with Nvidia 1070 Ti & 1080 Ti.

You should always mine the most profitable coin at the moment. If you expect it to lower in value, sell it and buy another coin that is expected to increase its value. Mining a less profitable coin and wait for it to value instead will lower your profits.  I will show you How To Mine LUX Coin – $9/day/1070 Ti, $11/day/1080 Ti. 

Luxcoin is a new hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency with Masternodes (requires 16120 Lux) announced on the 2nd of October on the Bitcointalk forum and was officially launched to the public on the 10th of October 2017. Lux will introduce Smart Contract capability that will enable the unification of blockchains through LuxGate and PMN. These Smart Contracts can be deployed directly from the wallet and can trigger cross network transactions and tasks based on pre-defined conditions.

Learn here How To Mine LUXCoin:

What is Special in LUX COIN:

1. A Lux Masternode is a 24/7/365 dedicated server connected to the blockchain network which adds an additional layer of stability and two additional levels of functionality to the network.

2. Through the introduction of SegWit, Lux will separate transaction signatures.

3. LuxSend is a form of coin-mixing that provides an additional layer of privacy.

Best Coin to Mine With Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti & 1080 Ti Today


Mine LUXCoin

Guys mining Lux Coin will give you $9/day with 1070 Ti and $ 11/day with 1080 Ti.

Official Website :  Here

Download Miner: Here


Windows/Mac/Linux Wallet

Step : How to Mine LUXCoin, LUX

1. Download the Miner from above link.

2. Download the LuxCoin (LUX) wallet from above link.

3. Create receving address in wallet.

4. Create a file name START.bat (then right click and  edit).

5. Add following lines to bat file as shown below.


sgminer.exe -k phi -o stratum+tcp:// -u PASTE_YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS_HERE -p c=LUX -I 19


6. Save the file and Run, thats it now mining will start instantly.


Done. This was best coin to mine today which is most profitable coins. So i hope you know now How To Mine LuxCoin.

Question Asked

What is the max coin supply?

The max coin supply of lux is 60,000,000 coins. There is an insta-mine protection in place for the first 500 blocks, where block reward are set at just 1.


Blocks 1-500: 1 Lux

Block 501: 1000 Lux Bonus to whoever gets the block. If you are on a pool that will be shared among everyone on the pool of course.

Blocks 502 – 6,000,000: 10 Lux


The total number of blocks will be 6,000,000 resulting in a max coin supply eventually of approximately 60,000,000 Lux.

What is the Best GPU to Mine LUX ?

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 1070 Ti.

Should I Invest in LUX?

Yes. This coin has great future.

How Much 1 Lux is ?

1 LUXCoin = $31.01

Which Miner do I Use ?

ccminer for nvidia gpu, download link given above.

Which Pool Do I Use For Mining ?

I use TheBSODPool. (Because fee is less compared to others)

There are Some other Mining available ?

Yes. To be able to mine the coins, you need to connect it up to a mining pool. Below I have included a list of mining pools.

— AltMiner 

— AntMine 

— BSOD Pool 

— CoinMiners

 — FutureCoins 

— Hash Refinery 

— Miner Control 

— Nosekefik 

— UniMining 

— ZPool 

— Yiimp

— TheBSODPool

Where  can I trade Buy/Sell LUX ?

Currently LuxCoin is listed on

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