How To Mine Sparks Coin : SPK Mining, $8/day/1070 Ti

Hi guys, today you will learn about one of the most profitable altcoin to mine right now, you must be curious to know which is the best coin to mine with Nvidia GTX 1070 ti & 1080 ti – Mine Sparks Coin. In this article i will show you most profitable cryptocurrency to mine with 1070 Ti & 1080 Ti. You should always mine the most profitable coin at the moment. If you expect it to lower in value, sell it and buy another coin that is expected to increase its value. Mining a less profitable coin and wait for it to value instead will lower your profits.  I will show you How To Mine Sparks Coin – $8/day/1070 Ti, $10/day/1080 Ti. 

Learn here How To Mine Sparks Coin:

What is Special in Sparks Coin:

1. Sparks is a coin using the Neoscrypt algorithm, with 50% reward of miners and 50% reward for masternode.

2. The main goal of sparks coin is to develop the crypto currency as a single, decentralized payment system for paying of goods and services around the world.

3. There Development priorities are super fast transaction , anonymity, security, masternodes help to keep integrity of network and provide instant and safe transaction.

Mining Tips:

  1. Build a mining rig with high graphics.
  2. Make sure the hash rate is high.
  3. Check power consumption, If the electricity bill is high, you are less likely to make any profits.
  4. Join the top and the best mining pool.

Mine Sparks Coin

Best Coin to Mine With Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti & 1080 Ti Today

Guys mining Sparks coin will give you $8/day with 1070 and $ 10/day with 1080.

Sparks Official Website :  Here

Download Miner: Here


Windows/Mac/Linux Wallet

Step : How to Mine Sparks, SPK

1. Download the Miner from above link.

2. Download the Sparks(SPK) wallet from above link.

3. Create SPK receving address in wallet.

4. Create a file name START.bat (then right click and  edit).

5. Add following lines to bat file as shown below.

ccminer-x64 -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Gbp1RtgoB84A8ZdFmGsUVfQBWYDD2EQg1Q -p c=SPK

psk ccminer

6. Save the file and Run, thats it now mining will start instantly.


Done. This was best coin to mine today which is most profitable coins, that is sparks coin mining. So i hope you know now How To Mine Sparks Coin.

Question Asked


What is the Best GPU to Mine SPK ?

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 1070 Ti.

Should I Invest in SPK?

No. I don’t recommend it right now. But if you are a crypto miner then why not make some money from SPK mining.

I am holding SPK.

How Much 1 Spk is ?

1 Sparks = $23

Which Miner do I Use ?

ccminer for nvidia gpu, download link given above.

Which Pool Do I Use For Mining ?

I use BSOD pool. (Because fee is less compared to others)

There are Some other Mining available ?

Yes. Given below is the link:


MiningPool Shop


Where  can I trade Buy/Sell SPK ?

Currently SPK is listed on Stock Exchange

But i m not selling this coin, i m going to hold it for 2-3 months, this coin might spike after 2-3 months. SPK COIN will be listed on

  • Cryptopia
  • Poloniex



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